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Online Consulting

We offer up to 30 minutes of discussion, free of charge, to assess our customer's problem. Based on this discussion, we will present a quotation. If a quotation is accepted and the required Terms and Conditions are agreed, we may offer online consulting through Zoom to resolve the problems. Our online consulting charge is $150/hour.

Onsite Consulting


We offer onsite consulting and visit manufacturing sites, test sites or suppliers' factory, if required. The consulting charges will depend on length of visit, geographical area of the visit and urgency. The onsite consulting is severely limited due to Covid 19 restrictions.

Long Term Projects


We will work with our customers on projects that are long term in scope. These projects may require us to fill gaps in technical expertise available at our clients. The types of long term projects may include: assistance in developing materials or processes, resolving ongoing production problem, constructing a testing protocol and carrying out testing.

Let us know how we can help.

Root Cause Analysis


When a product does not meet performance goals, we can assist you in identifying the root cause of the problem and recommend possible remedial actions. In most cases, we can identify source of the problem whether it is the design, material, process, treatment, finishing, assembly or the service conditions. With our long experience in materials technology and process engineering, there are good chances that we have encountered the problem before and assist you to resolve it expeditiously. 

Failure Analysis


We can assist our customers in analyzing a failed component and establish possible cause for the failure. We can carry out professional failure analysis accessing tools such as stereo microscopes, optical microscopes, scanning electron microscopes (SEM), FTIR, DTA/TGA, scanning calorimeter and X-ray radiography from our partners.



We can help train engineers in the areas of:


  • Materials Selection

  • Process Selection

  • Heat Treatment

  • Plating

  • Microfinishing

  • Hydrogen Embrittlement

  • Materials Testing

  • Friction and Wear Testing

  • Corrosion Testing

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